Red Sun Classical Fencing

The Traditional School of Classical Italian Fencing – Serving Albuquerque and the state of New Mexico


(Posted 10/1/2022)
Beginning in November, the Dueling Sword portion of Tuesday night training sessions will be switching from Epee to Rapier.

(Posted 7/22/2022)
Registration is OPEN for the Red Sun Classical Fencing 10th Anniversary Tournament! For Rules, Regulations, and Registration, please see the Events page!

(Posted 7/3/2022)
Red Sun Classical Fencing is proud to announce that Provost Mank has successfully completed the final examination for the rank of Master at Arms through the Sonoma State University Fencing Masters Certification Program, and is henceforth now Maestro Mank!

(Posted 2/17/2022)
New Mexico’s indoor mask mandate was lifted by Gov Lujan-Grisham, effective Thursday 2/17/22. In consideration of this announcement, group classes and individual lessons at Red Sun Classical Fencing will be “face covering optional”.

(Posted 10/31/2021)
October 31 2021 marks the 9th anniversary of the founding of Red Sun Classical Fencing. 2021 saw the continuation of regular training with minimal interruption by health orders. While currently we are required to wear face coverings again, we are glad that we have been able to train without significant impediment. This year also saw the return of Fencer examinations, with student Katie Lundebjerg passing her exam in late August; this exam was the first held since well before the pandemic. This year also saw the return of some events, such as CombatCon, at which Provost Mank was once again requested to run the Classical Foil Tournament, though with the rise of the Delta variant of Covid, some events may once again be up in the air, but we must hope for the best. Classical Fencing Society leadership has been meeting somewhat more regularly once again, to keep our confederation of schools aligned, and share ideas with which we can best serve our respective communities, most important of those currently is the re-establishment of the St. Louis branch, Trovare di Spada. We look forward to next year, which will mark the 10th Anniversary of the school, to be celebrated with a tournament, and (hopefully) Provost Mank’s investiture as a Master at Arms.

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