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(Posted 6/14/2020)
As of today, Sunday June 14th, Red Sun Classical Fencing has resumed its regular class schedule as indicated on the Class Information page. Welcome back!

Our host location (Duke City Fencing) has put in place the following Covid-safe policies and practices:
-Hand washing or usage of hand sanitizer (available at the front desk) is required upon entering and leaving the facility.
-Face coverings are required to be worn as much as is practical during training. Air/water breaks will be taken as often as is needed.
-The owner of DCF (who also has training as a nurse), if present (usually during the weekdays), is taking the temperature of participants upon arrival, using a no-touch thermometer.
-Until further notice, DCF equipment cannot be borrowed. It must be checked out (for a nominal fee), and it will be assigned to that person for their usage only. It will be cleaned upon return.

(Posted 5/15/2020)
Red Sun Classical Fencing is re-opening for individual lessons only, until further notice. Students should view the schedule below to see what time slots are available. Students that have standing lessons that are outside of our usual class schedule will not be shown here.

Slot 1 – 7:30PM-8PM: John B.
Slot 2 – 8PM-8:30PM: John B.
Slot 3 – 8:30PM-9PM: Available

Slot 1 – 7:30PM-8PM: Hannah N.
Slot 2 – 8PM-8:30PM: Aaron N.
Slot 3 – 8:30PM-9PM: Michael P.

Slot 1 – 7:30PM-8PM: Katelyn G.
Slot 2 – 8PM-8:30PM: Brock S.
Slot 3 – 8:30PM-9PM: Sam S.

(Posted 1/26/2020)
Please note that effective February 1 2020, class session times, monthly fees, and individual lesson times and fees will be changing. Please visit the Class Information page to view the updates.

(Posted 10/31/2019)
October 31st marks the 7th anniversary of the founding of Red Sun Classical Fencing. This year we had several novices complete their initial Foil training and become Fencers of the school, allowing them to participate in the school’s Intra-Sala Tournament held in May (results below). Provost Mank began assisting Maestro Evandro Oliveira (an Olympic fencing coach) with classes at our host organization, Duke City Fencing. RSCF Assistant Instructor Dr. John Bova attended his first session at the Sonoma State University Fencing Masters Certificate Program, thus beginning his path to becoming a certified Instructor at Arms. Despite great personal difficulties, Provost Mank was once again summoned to CombatCon in Las Vegas NV to run the Classical Foil Tournament in August, and once again assisted in the operation of the classical Italian classes being taught there. In honor of the anniversary of its founding, RSCF held a seminar on Radaellian Sabre, taught by Instructor Sean Newton of Marquette CFS and Milwaukee Swordplay Academy. We look forward to continuing to offer quality events and instruction to the fencing community, and to the coming year!

(Posted 10/26/2019)
This weekend saw Instructor Sean Newton of Marquette Classical Fencing Society and Milwaukee Swordplay Academy come to Albuquerque to provide instruction in the sabre style of Giuseppe Radaelli. 14 participants took 6 hours of such instruction on Saturday October 26th, as well as took time to relax and socialize afterward at Instructor Josh Gilbrech’s home. Thanks to Mr. Newton for coming in to teach the seminar, Mr. Gilbrech for graciously allowing us into your home, and to all the fencers (both local and those who traveled in) who participated! We couldn’t have put this on without all of you. Until the next one!

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