Red Sun Classical Fencing

The Traditional School of Classical Italian Fencing – Serving Albuquerque and the state of New Mexico


Source Materials

Below are the texts that form the basis of the curriculum at Red Sun Classical Fencing. Primary texts (mainly the Science of Fencing) are those from which the core technique is taught, contain the content that a Red Sun Classical Fencing student is expected to know and demonstrate for his/her examinations, and against which the Head Instructor of the school was tested to receive his certification to teach. Auxiliary texts are not required, however they represent material from which the Head Instructor may add to the primary material, as well as reference for other weapons taught to advanced students, and other styles taught within the Classical Fencing Society schools.

Primary Texts:
The Science of Fencing, Dr. William M. Gaugler (Required)
The History of Fencing, Dr. William M. Gaugler
A Dictionary of Universally Used Fencing Terminology, Dr. William M. Gaugler

Auxiliary Texts:
The Art of the Foil, Luigi Barbasetti
The Art of the Sabre and the Epee, Luigi Barbasetti
The Science of Fencing, Giuseppe Rosaroll Scorza and Pietro Grisetti (Translated by Christopher Holzman)
The Art of the Dueling Sabre, Settimo Del Frate (Translated by Christopher Holzman)
Sabre Fencing, Salvatore Pecoraro and Carlo Pessina (Translated by Christopher Holzman)
Fundamentals of Italian Rapier, David and Dori Coblentz

Equipment Suppliers

Castille Armory – Sam Yaskovic, swordcutler/bladesmith – Producer of custom weaponry at reasonable prices, though standard pieces (such as their economy rapier) are also available. They now produce a complete smarra. Recommended for: rapiers/rapier blades, smarra, smarra blades, custom pieces.

Darkwood Armory – Scott Wilson, swordcutler/bladesmith – The primary producer of the smarra practice blades and sabre blades we use, though some of his other blades are amongst the finest out there. Their rapiers and sabres, as a weapon, are pretty nice as-is. Recommended for: smarra blades, sabres/sabre blades, rapiers/rapier blades, masks, gorgets.

Rockwell Classical Fencing Equipment – Josh Gilbrech, swordcutler – Local producer of some of the most durable and functional weapons and parts for a very good price. Recommended for: foils, epees, sabres, and parts (grips, pommels, false ricasso) for nearly any weapon.

Zen Warrior Armory/Triplette Competition Arms – Two halves of the same shop, TCA is more geared for sport fencing, while ZWA is more for classical and SCA. Their best product, however, is their Classic Fencing Jacket, which is quite possibly the best jacket available for the price. Recommended for: foils, epees, modern-style sabres, parts, masks, jackets, gloves, and gorgets.

Fencing Post – Though they mainly service the sport fencing crowd, if you need a mask, glove, or a true-ricasso Italian foil (or parts) for the lowest price, you can get it here. Recommended for: foils, gloves, and masks.

Duke City Fencing – Our host organization has fencing equipment locally available for sale, such as gloves, jackets, and knickers, for an excellent price. The main advantage here is that you can try it on first.

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