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Upcoming Events

Red Sun Classical Fencing Intra-Sala Tournament, Sunday May 19th 2019

Red Sun Classical Fencing Sala di Armi
Located within Duke City Fencing
2840 Girard Blvd NE
Albuquerque, NM 87107

Sunday May 19th 2019, 6:30PM

Membership of Red Sun Classical Fencing

Red Sun Classical Fencing is pleased to announce an Instra-Sala tournament to be held in honor of the belated 6th anniversary of the founding of Red Sun Classical Fencing. All Fencers of Red Sun Classical Fencing are invited to compete against your fellow Fencers of the school. Novices are encouraged to attend so that they can help judge the bouts of the tournament. To the winner of this tournament, the prize will be free tuition for the month of June.

Protective Equipment Requirements
– 3-weapon mask
– Underarm protector
– Fencing jacket that overlaps the pants being worn; jackets must be white or natural/khaki color to facilitate judging of touches.
– Padded 3-weapon glove for the armed hand
– Anatomy-specific protection: Groin athletic protector for men, and a chest protector for women.
– Pants that cover the entire leg, or fencing knickers with long socks; those that are excessively baggy and/or stretchy are prohibited as these can cause blades to break.

Additional protective equipment may be worn by the fencer if desired, but not less than the minimum described here.

Weapon Requirements and Rules
– It is highly recommended that competitors have 2 weapons.
– All weapons used must be clean and free of rust and burrs.
– Any unsafe condition, such as loose construction or kinks/S-curves in blades, will disqualify the weapon from use.
– The blade must be tipped with a leather, plastic, or rubber button and secured with tape.
– The use of a wrist strap is permitted if desired.
– Use of the off-hand is not allowed except where valid technique permits it (such as the passata sotto).
– Target area for Foil is the torso only, defined from a line drawn across the hips to the seams on the sleeves of the shoulder, including the bib of the mask.

General Rules, Regulations, and Procedures
Format: Round-Robin. All competitors will fence all other competitors.
Scoring: Touches with the point of the weapons must set, and sufficient bend in the blade must occur to demonstrate penetrating power. Touches will be awarded against the fencer receiving the touch. Disarmaments will stop the action; if a touch occurs during the disarming action and lands before the weapon hits the ground, the touch will be awarded. Off-target touches will stop action, but no touch will be awarded. Double touches (or perceived double touches) will be adjudicated by priority if at all possible. A true double touch, which is simultaneous attacks or simultaneous replacements/renewals, the action will be thrown out, with no touch awarded.
Bout Parameters: Bouts will be fenced to 3 touches against one fencer, or 5 minutes, whichever occurs first. In instances where the time limit elapses but both fencers have the same number of touches against, the bout will continue until the tie is broken.
Conditions of Victory: The objective is to hit your opponent without being hit yourself. The winner of a given bout is that fencer with a lower number of touches against than his/her opponent. The fencer with the lowest total number of touches against in the tournament will be the victor. If there are two (or more) fencers with the same number of touches against, there will be a bout to break the tie.
General: Fencers are expected to acknowledge touches they’ve received. The Director has the final say in all calls. Fencers will stop action and return to first position upon the Director calling a “halt”. No speaking under arms is permitted, unless prompted by the Director, or if the fencer is acknowledging a touch. Dangerous actions with any weapon, such as jabbing actions, are not permitted and will be penalized. Unsportsmanlike, disrespectful, or vengeful behavior will not be tolerated, and will be penalized at the discretion of the director and tournament officials according to the severity of the offense, which can include a warning, penalty touches, loss of the bout, and/or ejection from the tournament. Bouts will be fenced on a piste approximately 10 meters long by 1.5 meters wide. Both feet (any part of the foot) off the piste/field will stop the action, with a second offense resulting in a penalty touch against.

Past Events

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Spanish Swordsmanship Seminar, Saturday June 11th and Sunday June 12th 2016

Radaellian Sabre Workshop, Saturday November 14th and Sunday November 15th 2015

Paschen Rapier Seminar, Saturday May 30th and Sunday May 31st 2015

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