Red Sun Classical Fencing

The Traditional School of Classical Italian Fencing – Serving Albuquerque and the state of New Mexico


Classical Fencing Society – Our sister schools

Trovare di Spada – Instructor David Achilleus – St. Louis, Missouri

Marquette CFS – Maestro Charles Dobbs and Instructor Sean Newton – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

CFS-Affliated Clubs

University of Illinois Classical Fencing – Instructor John Mainzer – Urbana-Champaign, Illinois

Albuquerque Sword Labs – Instructor Josh Gilbrech – Albuquerque, New Mexico

Other Traditional Schools of Fencing

Sonoma State University Fencing Masters Certificate Program – Maestro John Sullins – Rohnert Park, California

La Spada Nemica – Maestro Frank Lurz – Novato, California

Sacramento Sword School – Maestri Eric Myers, Puck Curtis, and Kevin Murakoshi – Sacramento, California

Decatur School of Arms – Maestri David Coblentz and Dr. Dori Coblentz – Decatur, Georgia

Northwest Fencing Academy – Maestro Sean Hayes – Eugene, Oregon

Martinez Academy of Arms – Maestri Ramon Martinez and Jeannette Acosta-Martinez – New York City, New York

Crown Academy of the Sword – Maitres Adam Crown and Linda Wyatt – Ithaca, New York

Evangelista School of Fencing – Maitre Nick Evangelista – Springfield, Missouri

Destreza Pacifica/Humboldt State University Fencing – Maestro Antone Blair – Arcata, California

Salle Saint-George – Maitre Cecil Longino – Seattle, Washington

Palm Beach Classical Fencing – Instructor Kim Moser – West Palm Beach, Florida

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