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(Posted 10/31/2018)
October 31st marks the 6th anniversary of the founding of Red Sun Classical Fencing. This year saw a lot of activity. Provost Mank and RSCF Fencer John Rechtoris attended the inaugural session of the Rapier and Sabre Pedagogy retreat in Atlanta GA. Senior RSCF Fencer Dr. John Bova was appointed Assistant Instructor at a time of increased enrollment at the school. Provost Mank and Assistant Instructor Bova were invited to put on a fencing demonstration at CSP Dance Studios’ summer party in June. Provost Mank and erstwhile RSCF Fencer and Assistant Instructor Josh Gilbrech attended the Sonoma State University Fencing Master’s Certificate Program in July, at which Josh obtained his Instructor at Arms certification. Provost Mank organized and directed the Classical Foil Tournament at CombatCon in Las Vegas NV this year, as well as assisting Maestro John Sullins in the instruction of his Sabre and Dueling Sword classes at that event. This year also saw more visits between the Classical Fencing Society leadership, as Provost Mank traveled to Milwaukee to visit the CFS branch there, and Instructor David Achilleus paid RSCF a visit in November. We look forward to the coming year!

(Posted 10/29/2018)
For the class sessions of Thursday November 8th and Sunday November 11th, Red Sun Classical Fencing would like to welcome David Achilleus, Provost Mank’s teacher, and head instructor of Trovare di Spada, RSCF’s sister school in St Louis MO. All RSCF members are encouraged to attend one (or both) of these sessions if possible, even if it is not a night you ordinarily attend, to gain a different perspective on our training in the Science.

(Posted 9/9/2018)
Red Sun Classical Fencing is pleased to announce that student Doug Milroy has successfully passed the Classical Fencing Society 1F (Fencer) exam, and as such has gained all associated rights and privileges, including the right to bout and begin training in other weapons. This examination contains written, verbal, practical, and combat elements. Congratulations to Doug!

(Posted 7/17/2018)
Red Sun Classical Fencing is proud to announce the following exam results regarding Classical Fencing Society personnel from the Sonoma State University Fencing Masters Certificate Program:

Charles Dobbs – Master at Arms (Milwaukee CFS)
Sean Newton – Instructor at Arms (Milwaukee CFS)
Josh Gilbrech – Instructor at Arms (Red Sun Classical Fencing/ABQ Sword Labs)

This year there were 5 Instructor candidates, as well as the completion of Charles’ masters course. Each examination level requires the completion of a written exam, verbal, the taking and receiving of lessons (in multiple weapons depending on level), military-style group lessons (again, in multiple weapons depending on certificate level), and actions at random. For the Master’s level, a written thesis must also be completed.

Congratulations to these, and indeed, all examinees!

(Posted 6/28/2018)
Provost Mank and Assistant Instructor Bova will be giving a short demo at CSP Dance Studios tomorrow (Friday June 29th) at 8pm, during CSP’s monthly Variety Dance Party!

This is an excellent opportunity to showcase the school, and highlight similarities between fencing and dance. To accentuate this, they will be fencing to a tango, as the timing of a tango best fits our movements. The bout will use the smarra as the weapon, which will grant the usage of a number of visually appealing techniques for the enjoyment of those in attendance.

Wish us luck for a great performance!

(Posted 4/11/2018)
Tournament Results from the Palm Beach Classical Fencing Open:

1st Place – Ryan Mank (Red Sun Classical Fencing)
2nd Place – Alexander Kossman (Tampa Bay Fencers)
3rd Place – Tony Mita (SUNY-Purchase Fencing Club)

1st Place – Alexander Kossman (Tampa Bay Fencers)
2nd Place – Ryan Mank (Red Sun Classical Fencing)
3rd Place – Tony Mita (SUNY-Purchase Fencing Club)

1st Place – Tony Mita (SUNY-Purchase Fencing Club)
2nd Place – Mike Ruhala (Treasure Coast Fencing Club)
3rd Place – Ryan Mank (Red Sun Classical Fencing)

Thanks to all the competitors who fenced, to the AHF for organizing this excellent event, and the visiting Maestri for their direction and instruction. Until next year!

(Posted 3/19/2018)
Red Sun Classical Fencing is pleased to announce the appointment of senior RSCF Fencer Dr. John Bova to the position of Assistant Instructor. His dedication to the learning (and now teaching) of the Art and Science of Fencing, combined with his consistent attendance at the school, made this appointment an easy one to make. This comes at a time of increased enrollment at the school and classes with students of varying levels of experience, so his assistance will be greatly appreciated while we keep everyone’s training moving forward. Congratulations to Dr. Bova!

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